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Caring from Afar: Suggestions for Effective Long-Distance Caregiving (Part 2 of 2)

We have already discussed some of Huffington Post suggestions for long-distance caregiving in our previous blog. Today we'll continue to explore strategies for caring for your aging loved ones when you live far away.

4. Technology Makes Life Easier.

Connect with your aging loved one often. Schedule regular phone calls or Skype chats. Install cameras so that you can monitor your loved one. Schedule reminders for medication and medical appointments on apps.

5. Connect to the People in Your Loved One's Life.

When you do get a chance to visit your loved one, make the social rounds. Introduce yourself to his or her neighbors. Schedule a brief doctor's appointment so that you can meet his or her healthcare provider and medical team. Meet with any financial planner or attorney. Being able to match a name to a face works wonders for any relationship!

6. Cut Yourself Some Slack.

Every caregiver feels guilt - it just comes with the territory. You need to forgive yourself for not physically being present. We are often our own worst critics, so be kind to yourself. You are still doing the very best you can!

Even though you live far away, your loved one knows that you still care. You do not need to uproot his or her life and move them closer. These suggestions from Huffington Post will help you deal with caring for your loved one at any distance!

For more information, visit Huffington Post here